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Sorry it has taken so long for us to get back with you.  Our trip home with Roby was very easy – 8 hour trip/4 stops, Roby slept most of the time.  We have attached a couple of pictures of him taken last week.  He weighs about 9 lbs and is eating great (twice a day).  Needless to say, after our loss of our 1st Jack of 14 years, Roby had some very big shoes to fill – and he has stolen our hearts.  Even our Vet thinks he is pretty great.  He has gotten several new small brown spots on his body & toes over these past month, he is the cutest little fella.  He is doing very well crate trained while we are at work – still having a few accidents in his cage, but in the 3 months we have had him, only a handful of accidents on the floor in our home – he is very smart and understands “outside/potty”, sits on command and shakes.  He is so very playful and spends many nights sleeping on Dale’s chest.  We are in the process of getting our backyard fenced in so he has a larger area to be exercised with no danger of getting loose or hurt; however, mostly he is a house dog.  He loves to take rides in the car.  The only thing we had forgotten, was how in the puppy stages – how they love to chew on us/people – even tho we have most of the chew bones & toys from the pet store.

I will try to be more diligent about sending pics more often with updates.  We are so thankful we found Hobbit Hill and appreciate you breeding & raising such fine Jack Russells.  Our first one was a standard Jack and we have certainly enjoyed Roby – our Shorty.


Dale & Dawn Denny

We just wanted to give you an update on Jade (formerly Amy).
Karen you were such a great help getting Jade into Edmonton Alberta Canada.  You were so patient and such a wealth of knowledge about the process.
Jade had a long flight home to Edmonton.  She was held up in the airport due to an unexpected flight change and as a result was kenneled all day in the airport.  She finally arrived in Edmonton at 9:00 pm and did not particularly like the cold or the snow.  You  would think that a little puppy, being taken from her mother and siblings, being in an airport all day, and being on a long flight with all the strange noises, would have a difficult time adjusting to her new home.  Not our Jade.  She walked into the house, went right to her dish, wanted to eat, drink and play.  It was like she was always ours. 
She was a hit at her puppy classes as she helped get the most timid puppy who sat in the corner shaking come out of its shell.  The instructor was disappointed when Jade was too old for her puppy class as they wanted to know who will help socialize the other puppies.   She started taking basic obedience by 4 ½ months and passed getting 70 out of 75 points.
When our Ryelee (who was also a JR) suddenly passed, we never thought we could love another dog or that there would be another dog who would add laughter to our lives.  Well we found that again in Jade.
Karen thank you so much for the stable puppy we bought.  Jade is the most amazing dog that loves people and other animals and gives us hours of entertainment.  We are so thankful that we came across your name when we were looking for reputable breeders. 
The Tymchuk’s

We just wanted to reach out to you and thank you again for the unbelievable puppy. We've named him Hunter, and he is awesome. From day one, he has been a great boy, and he's only gotten better since. We are currently working with him and a professional dog trainer to get the basics. The trainer primarily works with German Shepherds as police and service dogs, but has a love for Jack Russells, He was very excited to start training him. He wanted me to extend his praise of how great our little guy's temperament is. He has explained to us that temperament is bred, and not taught, and that we were very lucky to have such a great breeder.

Here are some recent pictures of him. Thank you again, and we will always highly recommend you to our Jack Russell-loving friends and family.

Dave and Dee
Here is a picture of Oliver (Lego) and Edgrrr (Levi) taken yesterday.  They are doing Great and are absolutely the sweetest little boys. 

My nephew spent about half of his time growing up here on the dairy farm and fell in love with my Jack Russells.  When he saw the two puppies, he had to have one and I also knew he had to have one so…. we split the boys up.  Oliver lives on a small 10 acre farm with my nephew and his family (wife and 5 children).  His oldest is 16 and the youngest is 8.  He brings Oliver every other weekend for a “play date” and the boys run and chase each other for hours.  We only had Oliver for 2 days before my husband and I decided it was the right thing to do.  He is very happy and has lots of kids to play with and a farm to explore.
Now,  Edgrrr….  He is possibly the sweetest little Jack I have ever owned.  All I have ever owned are females so I wasn’t quite sure how to handle a male.  Well I was worrying for nothing.  I don’t know if all males are this sweet, but he is just a pure joy.  Our older female Jacks ages 5 and 7 box his ears if he gets out of line but they love him just as much as we do.  He just lost his last baby tooth yesterday and we had him neutered about a month ago.  He was a real hit here at the nursery during our selling season and ALL of the repeat customers would come back with friends to show them Edgrrr.  They would walk through the greenhouse doors and say where's Ed  Grrrrrrrrr, and laugh and laugh and being the official greeter and charmer that he is, they all wanted to take him home.

I believe that Edgrrr was a gift created for us by God.  I feel the same about my two females.  We are so grateful we were led to you, and so Blessed to be the caretakers of such a sweet young boy.
Thank you Karen for the hard work you continue to do and May You Be Blessed knowing that what you do creates such great joy in peoples lives.  It is very much appreciated.
I will send more pictures later.    Take Care!
Much Love and Blessings…..
Becky and Terry KnowlesSeptember 1- 2013

Just wanted to drop you a quick line about Chewbacca. We ended up changing his name to Bradley and we love him to death! The whole family is smitten with him. He is active, loving, social, and intelligent. We crate trained him to start but have long graduated to his own big boy bed and has mastered potty training with ease! The crate has migrated to storage closet and we have never looked back.  Bradley also has a few tricks up his sleeve: sit, stay, come, and down! The basics are important!

I also have to tell you he is a head turner in public! So attractive! Adults adore him and kids greet him like he's Santa Clause! A casual walk with the dog ends up making me more friends then I bargained for. He has stared to turn from a smooth coat to a bit of a mixed/ wire hair, it's neat to watch him develop. He has started to form a little beard and is turning into a distinguished gentleman right before out eyes! I've attached a few photos to help illustrate what a wonderful puppy you have bred! Brains, brawn, and beauty!

-Christina Kalinski       8-28--13

       Stephanie Kearley

I absolutely love them!! I am so glad to see Ace is back! He produces great dogs! I love little Roxie, I can't believe she is 4 :-) I am always going to be grateful to you for the most amazing dogs! Roxie and patch are just down to earth. Love people and are good with Chloe.  :-) couldn't of asked for any better, I got the best!          8-29--13
It has been 11 months and Jimmy (Lincoln) is just over a year old now, and I want to update you on his progress. This little guy is "awesome"! Annette and I thought we would never fill the hole that was left when Paulie died, but Jimmy came into our house and as if it were his mission, he single handed, (paw'ed) lifted us from our sorrow. What a joy he is to have in our home, he get's along with everybody and every dog, that is something that we were not used to. You definitely raise them sweet as sugar. In a couple of the pics you can see the training collar that we needed to teach him the "come" command when he would sneak out the door. It only took a few corrections on the lowest setting to get the message across. He now comes when called.
  Jimmy has still got some good size ears (part of his charm) but still, he is a handsome fellow, and we are constantly being told so by almost everyone that meets him. With his Dad's eyes (I think so anyways) and his red head, he steals hearts everywhere we take him.
  We may be looking for a buddy to get for him and if we do, it will be coming from your Kennel, Karen. You breed amazing dogs.
Keith V Kish

This is Dawn Barclift. I bought my Hunt Terrier, Wally, from Hobbit Hill. He was born on June 28th, 2012 (out of Tommy and Carmel) and turned one year old this past June. He's blossomed into a wonderful wee man... 11 pounds of sinewy muscle, Tasmanian Devil attitude, robust athleticism, and jolly bonhomie. He is admired by all who meet him. Attached is a picture of the two of us at the historic Waterford Fair earlier this month (held in the old Quaker village of Waterford, VA... founded in 1733 and designated a National Historic Landmark). He was a huge hit with the posh equestrian and fieldsports set who regularly attend the fair. They were all familiar with Jacks and Patterdales, but none had ever seen a Hunt Terrier before. Wally soaked up all of the attention, and I think I must've directed at least 15-20 people to the AHTCA that afternoon.

Anyway, I like to keep in touch and wanted to let you know that he's thriving and is a happy, healthy, beloved best friend.

Warm Regards,

Dawn & Wallace (aka. Wally McFlea)
I wanted to share these photos that were taken of Lucy when she was just over a year old- she's now 3! She is such a wonderful, smart dog we couldn't thank you enough for her coming into our lives. She has started agility classes this year and is a class favorite and has been doing great. Hoping to do a few trials one day. She goes to horse shows all the time, it will finally be her time to show! I just wanted to let you know how much she is loved!
Thank you. Missy

              We met you in Dallas last February (2013) to pick up Alana (out of Annie Oakley x Patch Adams Dec 2012 litter). Alana will be 1 year old on December 22. We thought you might like an update, sorry it has taken so long. She responded well to “Alana” so the name stuck, and it fits her personality. Her ears were slightly erect when we picked her up, now they stand fully erect, or “prick eared” as we’ve heard it referred to. It’s very adorable and also fits her personality. Her ears are one of our many favorite traits! She is an inside dog and only goes outside in nice weather or to potty. She gets along great with our red heeler (Cuda), and her “big sister” (Chinks), a Jack Russell that Angela raised, they are good buddies. She was almost housebroke as soon as she arrived at our home, and it was only a week or two before she was completely potty trained. We were amazed at how fast and easy she potty trained. We had her spayed a couple of weeks ago. She has since recovered and is feeling great again. She is by far the most intelligent and entertaining dog we’ve ever known!! VERY SMART!!! It’s almost as if she speaks English. She has learned every trick we’ve tried so far, and no trick takes her more than 10 minutes to learn. She will do any of these tricks on command, as long as you’re holding a treat! These tricks include: sit, stand up, lay down, shake, high five, speak, dance (which is standing and spinning circles at the same time), stay, and give kisses. She recently started catching her treats in the air after doing her tricks, we just toss them to her. She likes to watch hunting shows on TV, she barks at the deer. She loves to go for rides in the pickup. She LOVES to go fishing with us! She constantly swims around us at the edge of the pond, which may or may not scare the fish away, but watching her is normally more entertaining than fishing anyway. She thinks she is much larger than she really is! She fears no other dog. She is also the official guard dog at our house. Alana is always the first one awake and making sure everyone is aware of the slightest sound around the house. She is VERY protective and doesn’t like unfamiliar dogs near either of us. She is always the life of the party and our best friend. We are so blessed to have such an amazing, super smart, and well behaved little girl! We are so proud of her!!! Thank you very much for the amazing puppy, Alana is such a blessing!!! We have attached some pictures for you, hope you enjoy!

Thanks for everything,            

Dustin and Angela

From Oklahoma.

Looks like JJ has found his favorite resting place.
We absolutely love this fella.  Our other Jack Reggie is still kicking, but  has really slowed down.
Thought we would lose him about a month ago but he recovered.He and JJ have their moments, but they always make up and JJ grooms him.  He likes that.  JJ sleeps right between our heads, with his on our pillows.  He's such a fine dog.