The Hunt Terrier is a breed that can be considered both old and new; old because it can be traced back several centuries to the British Isles through books and paintings as a dog that was commonly seen around farms in England, Ireland, Germany, Holland as a working terrier, they also played a part as foundation stock in what has become known as the Jack Russell Terrier today, as well as a number of other breeds. By the 20th Century, these terriers were near extinction, until a small number of breeders (interestingly enough, most are also Jack Russell Terrier breeders ) in Ireland and England developed an interest and continued to breed them.
In recent years these little dogs have made their way to the USA from Europe.  Although the bloodlines are limited in this country, they are gaining in popularity and becoming a very much sought after breed.  We are proud owners of these smart little dogs and now are offering gorgeous top quality puppies for your consideration.
To find out more about these wonderful terriers, visit American Hunt Terrier Club Association.

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